Cambridge Instruments “QuantumWave” signal sources:
Delivering state-of-the-art solutions at the next level!

CI 4000Cambridge Instruments designs and manufactures high quality test and measurement instruments including RF & microwave CW synthesizers, vector modulated synthesizers and RF pulse generators. Current products are based on the PXIe platform however, please contact us to discuss other options.

The CI range of RF and microwave PXIe signal sources are part of the QuantumWave series which have been developed around the exacting requirements of Quantum Computing research – taking quality microwave signal sources to the next level with solutions up to 18 GHz.

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2000 series Pulse Generators

PXIe Baseband Pulse Generator

4000 series RF/Microwave CW Synthesizers

6 GHz PXIe Single Channel Synthesizer
6 GHz PXIe Dual Channel Synthesizer
12 GHz PXIe Dual Channel Synthesizer

Download the combined series data sheet – 4000 Series PXIe CW Synthesizers

5000 series RF/Microwave Vector Signal Generators

6 GHz Vector Signal Generator
18 GHz Vector Signal Generator